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PlayWrite 82 - God of War: A Simulation, Super Ultra Violet, Frequency Fighters

Episode Summary

Samus and Kratos play house, see things under a different light, and punch to the beat of 'Sandstorm'.

Episode Notes

Play;Write is a weekly creative video game idea workshop between hosts, and community.. It's not just about us, though! Join in the conversation! Pitch your own game ideas to be read and explored on air on our website at, tweet us @playwritecast, or email us at

In this episode of the podcast, Ryan Quintal (@ryanquintal) and guest Sandy Bates (cgbsrule) Simulate life as a single father, shed different spectrums of light on creatures and environments , and strike a pose in the middle of a fight. The community pitch was submitted by Matthew A Taylor.

Our theme song is "Hello World." by PROTODOME from the album BLUENOISE.